Chef Cathy Ferrara

I believe cooking is my gift. It is truly my passion. I am happiest when I am in the kitchen. Cooking does light a fire within my heart. It sparks a strong desire to please people with meals that nourish both the body and soul.

Since I was knee high to my Mother, I loved to cook. I remember the first entree my mother let me make (only after much begging and perseverance!). It was spaghetti sauce. What a thrill it was to prepare and serve to my family. I went on to love baking equally as much as I love cooking meals.

I completed the United Stares Personal Chef Association (USPCA) program. I am a premier member and currently hold the position of Secretary for the Southeast Michigan Chapter.

I believe giving back to the community is important. I have done volunteer work with the Gleaners Cooking Matters Program which helps teach and educate. I am also working with a number of churches that feed those in need.

My goal is to provide people with healthy, convenient meals. My service allows people to have more time to give to other important things in their busy daily lives. Supper Made Simple takes the worry out of meal as well as party preparation and planning. Let me give you more time while I answer the question, “What’s for dinner?”.